Melissa D George

About Melissa: Melissa has always loved to write. It was not uncommon to see her as a child sitting under a tree somewhere writing stories and daydreaming about her next written adventure. As she grew older, the stories turned into journal entries. When the internet became commonplace in households, Melissa found her place in the world of bloggers. She has blogged for over a decade with topics ranging from pit bulls, dog behavior/ health, graphic design, reviews, tips, and even how to deal with chronic pain. Eventually, needing an outlet for living with the paranormal every day, Melissa found a place chronicling her journey in a blog. This blog would become a book, My Paranormal Life: A True Haunting. The release of My Paranormal Life: A True Haunting opened a new chapter in Melissa’s life. She would once again realize how much she truly loved writing. She found something else with the release of this book- peace. Melissa has been a paranormal investigator for several years now, wanting to help others with the same problem she faced. She realized that the book did the same thing. Many people have since contacted Melissa thanking her for sharing the journey. They too were facing the paranormal, were losing faith, and did not know where to turn. Melissa has given many people courage to carry on, a renewed faith, and a shoulder to lean on. Melissa has had paranormal experiences since she was a young adult. She decided to join a paranormal group after her own family had several experiences with an entity. This experience created an urge to learn more about the paranormal and to help others that have the same issue that she had. She writes about her journey in a blog that garners international attention. Melissa brings this unique perspective, as well as technical skills to the team. She has been designing websites, managing communities and blogging for 10 plus years. Melissa is the author of My Paranormal Life: A True Haunting and Bigfoot Chronicles 1 & 2. She has more books in the works now. http://melissadgeorge.weebly.com
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