Cari S. George

About Cari: Cari has years of experience in talking. She has done sales, marketing, management, and various volunteer roles. She has also studied sociology, journalism, religious studies, and education. Currently, she is a branding consultant, graphic designer, and blogger by day- and paranormal rock star by night. Cari has witnessed the paranormal for as long as she can remember and was intrigued by the stories her grandparents would tell. As a child, she would sit for hours and listen to legends of the haunted low-country in South Carolina. It wasn’t until the last several years that her interest grew to the level it is now, when her family had a need for a team to investigate their home. Since then, Cari has made it her mission to learn all she can about the paranormal field and to assist others when they are facing the paranormal.¬†Along with this, Cari wants to teach others about the field and broaden the understanding and public awareness of the paranormal field. Cari is married to a Bigfoot hunter and has a little boy who wants to find bigfoot when he grows up. With her passion for the paranormal field, both of her children will probably continue her research into the paranormal. Cari has had varying roles in the paranormal field including being a case manager, publicist, event planner, podcaster, and blogger. In the paranormal world, she is known as The Paranormal Sass, for her tell it like it is rants and interviews. She is also an Ordained Minister and a bigfoot researcher/ a founding member with The Carolina Cryptid Crew. She is excited to carry on this journey with Carolina Hope. http://paranormalsass.weebly.com
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